How to contribute to the "Fighting Fund"

Current Status: The Appeal is now closed as we have decided not to take legal action, following advice. We are refunding a proportion of all funds donated. If you donated anonymously and would like a part refund, please let us know as soon as possible by writing to and telling us the date and the amount of the contribution.

We will leave this page in place for the time begin, in case it is ever needed again.

We issued an Appeal on 10th January for funds to challenge the Inspector's decision in court.  We believe that decision was wrong, in law.

We urgently need funds for this challenge.

You can contribute funds in two ways: :

  1. You can transfer funds directly to our account.
      Account name: Bettws Newydd Opposition Group
      Nat West Cardigan branch
      Sort Code 52-21-11   Account no. 21548374
    If you do so please write to or our Chairman at the address below, so we can refund all or part of your donation if we win costs, or have surplus funds. (Direct transfers do not provide an address to which we can respond).
  2. Cheques can be sent to our chairman at the address below, made payable to "Bettws Newydd Opposition Group".
      Reg Atkinson
      The Old Mill
      Upper Bridge Street
      Newport,   Pembrokeshire, SA42 0PL
    (Donations will be acknowledged by return.)

Please note that funds are strictly controlled with two signatures from our Chairman, Treasurer or secretary being required. Accounts will be audited and published.

The Group Committee has also agreed that casual expenses for copying, postage, stationary, etc and other such costs will not be charged to this account but absorbed by the group members themselves.

Finally when our work is ended any money remaining in the account will be paid back to donors pro rata.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed already to our funds.


Last updated 20th February 2011

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