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30th March 2012: We have now heard from the Ombudsman that our request has been rejected. See their letter here.

19th March 2012: We have finally received a reply from Tegryn Jones (6 weeks after we wrote) rejecting our request that the matter be referred to the Standards Committee. We very much regret that the National Park seem determined not to pursue the maladministration by their own officers, and have today sent this reply, which explains why we feel this is important. This letter has an attachment - view it here.

5th March 2012: The National Park Authority has not responded to our request to submit the maladministration revealed by this case to their own standards committee. Therefore we requested a review of this case by the Local Government Ombudsman for Wales. We raised the unsatisfactory handling of complaints, relating to Bettws Newydd, and full details are here.

7th February 2012: Following Tegryn Jones response to us, we have replied, reiterating our concerns, repeating our demand that this case is taken to the standards committee and complaining that it was predetermined that the findings of the National Park's investigations would be limited to identifying inadequacies in procedures and processes. See our letter here.

1st February 2012: The Western Telegraph has published a letter from us challenging Tegryn Jones assertions that the National Park failures were of simply failures of process and his implication (in his reply to us) that they took place 5 years or so in the past, which is not the case. You can see a scanned copy here, and a copy on the Telegraph web site here.

25th January 2012: The Western Telegraph today published an article in response to our statement which does cover many of our points. There is also a response from the National Park which, in our view, makes it clear they have no intention of taking action against the planning officers responsible for the many mistakes and this was confirmed in this reply to our letter received from Tegryn Jones.

18th January 2012: Following the apology given on 9th January 2012 to Newport Town Council by Tegryn Jones (Chief Executive of the Pembrokeshire National Park) the Western Telegraph has published a report - view it here. Our position is, however, that much as we welcome an apology, we remain very concerned that no-one has been held responsibile for the many mistakes made, as listed in the PCNPA Monitoring Officer's Report, are being called to account. Everything was put down to process failure. We disagree. We are publishing here a statement sent to the Western Telegraph that makes our case in more detail. We are also releasing a follow up letter sent to Tegryn Jones. We are requesting that this situation is referred to the Standards Committee of the National Park for consideration of appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible.

12th January 2012: Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority visited Newport on 9th January and made a formal apology for the mistakes made to the Town Council. You can see our report on this meeting by clicking here. While we welcome this, we don't feel the actions go far enough, and are preparing a response. We wrote a letter just prior to this meeting, to try to ensure that the many failings of the planners and the errors in the Monitoring Officer's report are not glossed over or overlooked. You can see a copy by clicking here.

25th October 2011: We wrote to Tegryn Jones, PCNPA Chief Executive, expressing concerns about the way the Monitoring Officer's report and the maladministration that has now come to light. You can see a copy of this letter by clicking here.

12th May 2011: The Monitoring Officer’s Report has been published and you can see it here. It was considered at a full meeting of the National Park Management Committee today. A good report of the meeting can be seen in this BBC News Item. There’s also a report in The Western Telegraph. The National Park has admitted many failings and promised to improve its processes, and words were said about ensuring nothing like this happens again. The total cost of this case to the National Park was stated in the report as £77,000. The Report was unanimously accepted and progress in implementing recommendations will be considered in October 2011 (although some Members of the Authority have already expressed doubt whether recommendations from the Monitoring Officer, a lawyer, could be practically implemented by a Planning Departrment). We have been taken aback that the Report only set out to look at systems failure, and in its conclusions and recommendations that is all that it does. Alleged maladministration by Officers who should now, in our view, be brought to account if upheld was not highlighted. We remain unconvinced that mere process changes will improve the culture in the planning department that led to this eyesore being inflicted on the community and many visitors to Newport. In a letter sent before the meeting we asked for the matter to be referred to the Standards Committee, and mentioned that not all our complaints had been dealt with satisfactorily. This letter was read by Members of the Authority yesterday but not considered.

4th May 2011: The Monitoring Officer's Report into what went wrong regarding Bettws Newydd will be considered at the full meeting of the National Park Management Committee on May 11th. The Monitoring Officer's investigation was in response to requests from both ourselves and Newport Town Council amongst others. We have submitted a list of no fewer than 55 errors made by the National Park Officers over this sad case. The report is not available on the National Park website yet but (from the agenda) you can see what appears to be the report header here. A Western Telegraph news item from April about this report is here. Watch this space for more details.

30th March 2011: The Western Telegraph has reported the DMC decision not to remove the eyesore. It reports the views of some of the committee members about this situation including a statement by National Park Chairman Richard Howells admitting that mistakes had been made, as well as some of our comments. View scanned copy or view the on-line version.

23rd March 2011 : Bob Kilmister, Lib.Dem Councillor for Dinas, is complaining about the National Park Officers failure to follow their own processes in a different case, relating to a Pigeon Loft for which permission was refused, despite being supported by Dinas Community Council, and calling for radical changes - see this flyer. If you agree you can sign the petition. On 2nd April this story was on radio and the BBC web site here. One local person is quoted thus: "There's a general feeling that the national park don't listen to local people. If there's a £1m development, it will get built and if you want to put a porch up at the front of your house it will get turned down."

23rd March 2011: DMC rejects move to pull down the building.
As expected the motion to remove the building was defeated. This was not surprising as the cost to the Park would have been approximately £500K. See W.Telegraph. We had written requesting this to Tegryn Jones (the Chief Executive of the National Park) and to his credit this was considered.

Here’s a quick summary of what occurred, from one of our group:

“Some members had not had the BNOG letter, and they were given 10 minutes to read this.

The Head of Development Management (Vicki Hirst) summarised the Inspectors decision, went on to state that removal of building now in the view of their barrister would still leave the fall back position. She skirted over setting new levels. She did say that the inspector said that 2006 did contravene LDP. VH stated that BN although obtrusive did not have implications for the wider NP area. She accepted that there had been bad practices, but these were being addressed. The compensation cost of serving the revocation order likely to be £500K. As levels for rebuild are unlikely to change, the new building would still be visually obtrusive, with some amelioration from landscaping. Removal would not be justified by cost. Mistakes made by officers unlikely to be repeated.

Members discussion. 3 spoke. Gwyneth Hayward was totally against the building and supported its removal. She stated her concern that it would create a precedent. Mr Richard Howells disagreed with VH that it would not affect the wider authority and felt that others may act in same cavalier way and go to appeal if necessary. Spoke glowingly of his meetings with BNOG, and their dignity and courtesy. Clr. Allen Mirehouse reiterated he had been against and called it an abortion.”

Our reaction: This was, we regret, all too little and too late. Finally the Officers have admitted that the 2006 building breaches the Development Plan - far too late to to do anything. Had the Officers admitted this and taken the right actions when complaints about the levels were first raised in 2007 the compensation costs (if any) would have been tiny. The National Park Officers should be ashamed that their incompetence has saddled the town of Newport, and all our visitors, with an eyesore of a building that has driven a “coach and horses” through the planning rules. This also sends completely the wrong signal to other potential developers. We have sent this Press Release to the Western Telegraph.

Officers report: The Head of Development Management (HDM) of the National Park issued this report recommending no action on the removal order. Yet again it contained many errors and points with which we disagree strongly. We issued a Press Release before the meeting. Before the meeting we wrote to every DMC member and to Tegryn Jones to explain why yet more errors have been made by the National Park Officers and why the building should be removed.

The National Park continues to pursue the inquiry into what went wrong, following requests from both ourselves and Newport Town Council. We have submitted a list of no fewer than 55 errors made by the National Park Officers over this sad case.

14th March: It has emerged that the Inspector made a serious mistake in his report. He omitted conditions relating to lighting and cables that a different part of his report states were intended to apply. The National Park Officers also failed to pick this up. Apparently the error cannot now be corrected - see this letter. We have therefore raised this matter with the National Park who could still take action on this.More details here. Is there no limit to the number of mistakes that the planners can make over this case?

2nd February 2011: The Western Telegraph has reported the decision not to proceed with legal action. Click here to view a copy. At least they did print our point about the building having been found to breach planning policy - something absent from previous reports.

21st January: Following legal advice we have decided not to launch a legal appeal. This is explained in more detail in a newsletter which we have sent today which you can see here. We have closed our appeal for funds and will be refunding a proportion of all contributions. Anonymous donors should please contact us if they would like a part refund. The fact we were able to raise so much money so quickly shows the strength of feeling against this dreadful development - our thanks to all who contributed. We will continue to press the National Park to have a full and thorough inquiry into what went wrong, and to ensure this can never happen again. We deeply regret that the Inspector allowed the appeals but continue to believe that decision was WRONG. You can see the inspectors report here. Our reaction to the decision was sent to our supporters in a Newsletter, and you can see a copy here. This explains our horror to find that while the Inspector has decided that the building breaches planning policies in many, many respects on the other he has allowed it to remain due to the existence of the flawed permission granted in 2006 for a different building. There's also more reaction on our news page, and a few of the comments we've received are here.

21st Jan 2011: An interesting article in the Sunday Times, written by Charles Clover, covered cases where the planning process has let down local residents and the means by which powerful developers beat the system - sounds familiar? The bad news is that apparently the coalition government are backing off proposals to improve the system. You can click the link above to see our scanned copy of the article.

17th January: We have published a few of the reactions that we have received to the appeal decision on our "Your Opinions" page. These are typical of the many expressions of support and horror we have received about the decision.

16th January 2011: The Western Telegraph has covered our appeal for funds on their website - click here. However, this article again fails to point out that the Inspector found that the building breached planning policies in many ways and also fails to explain why we believe we have a strong case as explained on our "Appeal Verdict" page.

10th January 2011: We announced in a newsletter to our supporters that we were appealing for funds to challenge the Inspector's decision in court. You can see the appeal in the Newsletter here.

15th December: You can see a copy of today's article in the Western Telegraph here. Also see this article on the Wales On-line website, dated 11th December. Both these articles fail to point out that the Inspector found serious and multiple breaches of planning policy.

12th December: We issued a supporters newsletter which gives our initial reaction. Click here to view it.

10th December: The decision to allow the appeals was rapidly reported in the Western Telegraph and also on the BBC Wales Website. Click the links to view these reports.

10th December 2010: The Appeal decision has been announced and to our great surprise the Inspector decided to allow the appeals. You can see the Inspectors report here. We are angry and deeply disappointed at this decision to allow the building to remain, despite the fact that the Inspector decided it breached planning policies in many ways.

We have now created a separate page to give our reaction to this decision, and to explain why we think that the Inspector was wrong. The information on our views previously posted here has been moved to this new page. Click "Appeal Verdict" in the links on the left to view it. In particular we announced that we would be seeking immediate advice as to whether we have any viable prospect of seeking a remedy, in respect of the Inspector’s decision, whether by means of judicial review or otherwise. We will also continue to pursue the National Park to ensure that the many failings this sorry case has revealed are addressed and that action is taken to ensure there is no repetition, in accordance with our second aim.

We would like to thank the many supporters of our campaign and to state we will now be seeking immediate advice as to whether we have any viable prospect of seeking a remedy, whether by means of judicial review or otherwise.

We issued a Press Release on the day of the decision which gave our initial reaction.

24th November 2010: The Opposition Group have sent a letter of complaint to the National Park Chief Executive (a copy is here). We have sent similar letters to the Chairman of the National Park and the Chairman of the Development Management Committee. Our letters cover:

  1. The non-appearance of any of the National Park Planners at the recent Appeals' Inquiry. Not a single planner employed by the National Park attended even a minute of the recent Inquiry held in the Memorial Hall in Newport. Time after time, the Appellant claimed he had agreements with the planners or that other events had taken place involving the planners, but they were not present to clarify matters. The National Park was represented by an outside Planning Consultant, RPS, the County Council's Chartered Landscape Architect and their barrister Graham Walters of Civitas. Whilst we understand the reasons for the National Park not being represented by their own Officers, given their previous unswerving record of support for the Appellant's retrospective planning applications, including the 2010 application subject of the Appeal Inquiry, which would clearly involve a serious conflict of interests, nonetheless, BNOG believe that the Authority’s decision to have none of the Officers involved with the development for the last 5 years available to answer questions, to which only they held the answers, was a mistake. This was a decision that not only cost considerable Inquiry time, labouring over points where there was insufficient information available, but may prove to be a major mistake in terms of the Inquiry outcome.
  2. We have called for a full investigation into the handling of the Bettws Newydd applications and appeals. At the Inquiry, further examples of mishandling of this case by the planners emerged. We have now produced a list containing a total of 55 separate examples of alleged maladministration by the National Park Planners. These include examples where the planners failed to follow policies, failures to note details of meetings on the files, failures to follow up when mistakes were found during the development, and examples where various people including Newport Town Council have been misinformed. We want to see a full investigation into these mistakes to ensure there is no repetition in the future in accordance with our group’s second aim, and have pointed out that a similar request for "a thorough investigation" by Newport Town Council in May 2009 has not resulted in any action.

28th October: (updated) After six full days the appeal hearing has ended. See the Webmaster's Blog for an informal account. An item was shown on the BBC Wales News on Friday 29th October at about 6:20 pm. This item was quite positive about our cause, we felt, but unfortunately it can no longer be seen on iPlayer. .

20th October: The appeal hearing has started. You can read this article about the first day's proceedings on the Western Telegraph web site, and also this one on the BBC Wales News Page. Also you can click here to see an article in Wales Online - the web site of the Western Mail.

8th September: The National Park has written to its list of interested people to announce that the appeal will be on 20th October 2010, in the Newport Memorial Hall. The duration is scheduled to be for 5 days. Click here to see a copy of this letter.

19th July: We have changed "The Appeals" page (previously called simply "The Appeal") to reflect the fact there are two linked appeals. We do our best to explain this rather complex situation and give our views.

12th July: The developer has appealed against the enforcement notice, as we had expected. You can see details of this appeal on the Planning Portal by clicking here and you can see a copy of the letter objectors have received from the PCNPA here.
Also the Pembrokeshire National Park Authority has now submitted its case, and you can see this here. Interestingly this was prepared by an external planning consultant.

18th June 2010: We have published more details about the appeal in a new page, which you can see by clicking here. We give our first observations about the information being presented to the Planning Inspectorate.

16th June 2010: The Western Telegraph has published an item about the appeal - see a scanned copy here. Or an online version here.

8th June 2010: Letters have been sent by the National Park Authority notifying objectors of the appeal. See one example here. The letter states that the appeal will be decided on the basis of an inquiry, the most complex of the appeals processes. This leaves less than 4 weeks for you to write to the Welsh Planning Inspectorate if you so wish (copies in triplicate must reach the Inspectorate no later than 2nd July). Click here to see the Guide to taking Part in Planning Appeals from the Inspectorate Web Site. We have updated our Write A Letter page with details of how to write to the Inspectorate. Note that all letters already sent are supposed to be passed on to the Inspector, so new letters should either be from people who have not objected before, or should add to what you have already said.

8th June 2010: The Enforcement Notice was sent on 3rd June. A copy can be seen here. An appeal has been submitted (on 6th July) against this.

20th May 2010: We have learned (from the WAG website) that an appeal has been delivered by hand to the Welsh Assembly Government Planning Inspectorate during the week ending 20th May. This is now referenced as Planning Appeal No. 2128919.

19th May 2010: The Minutes of the 21st April DMC have been published. View the item on Bettws Newydd here. They are quite detailed and more complete than usual. However, there are a few important omissions as discussed at the end of our own report of the April DMC Meeting.

30th April: Letter from Stephen Crabb. A number of us have received letters from our local Member of Parliament. He states that he recently met with Tegryn Jones (the new chief executive of the National Park). He writes that "I regard this development as the most serious planning case I have had to deal with in the last five years... and have asked again for a full explanation as to how and why such a development could have been permitted... I remain deeeply troubled by the stance of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority in this matter." Click here to see the full letter.

28th April 2010: Western Telegraph publishes a good account of the DMC refusal: This contains more detail about what was said by some of the councillors and the opposition and is well worth reading - click here.

21st April: The application was rejected by the DMC. You can read an account of the meeting on the Western Telegraph web site by clicking here and on the Tivi-Side Advertiser by clicking here.

Here is the press release issued by the National Park:
For immediate release Wednesday April 21st, 2010

Park Authority determines Bettws Newydd application
Members of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s Development Management Committee today (Wednesday) refused a revised application for Bettws Newydd, Newport, which sought to retain the existing dwelling and carry out landscape enhancements. An enforcement notice will now be issued for the unauthorised dwelling, which was not built in accordance with plans approved in 2006, requiring the removal of the structure and the reinstatement of the site. The applicant must now comply with the conditions of the enforcement notice, or appeal against the enforcement and the refusal decision.
Issued by Marie Edwards, National Park Authority Communications, tel 01646 624824 or email

For reference we list below some other information previously on the front page.
- Read the Officer's notes by clicking here. The Officers as expected, supported the application.
- Many supporters (of the Bettws Newydd Opposition Group) attended and spoke.
- You can read our letter posted to each DMC member on 13th April 2010.

20th April 2010: We have now produced new drawings which compare the "as-built" structure with the original dwelling ("Jimmy's House"). These drawings are based on the latest measurements which show it is even further from the agreed position and even higher compared to Jimmy's House than was originally thought.

14th April: Double Standards by National Park? Click here to see an article in today's Western Telegraph about retrospective permission being refused. We have highlighted the last paragraph attributed to Cathy Milner, who said "I'm not sure that we should be hiding a building with landscaping." Is this the same Cathy Milner who (we understand) is one of those responsible for the Officers' Report now recommending approval for the new Bettws Newydd application in which the only changes also amount to nothing more than landscaping?

14th April: New letter in the Western Telegraph entitled "Losing the Planning Plot"

13th April 2010: The Officers' notes for the new Application have been published. The Officers' shameful support for this application continues, despite the notes reporting the huge scale of opposition to this building, the huge differences between what has been built and the approved plans and the fact that the building is indeed in breach of policies. The overriding consideration for the Officers seems to be the existence of the 2006 permission, itself highly flawed.

6th April 2010: New measurements show the “as built” building is significantly higher (compared to Jimmy’s house) than previously thought. Amended plans based on these measurements show "60 to 80 lorry loads of material" will be imported onto site to implement the landscaping proposals.
Our letter in response is here.

A new survey commissioned by the National Park has revealed that the ridge of the “as built” structure is 0.7 metres HIGHER than previously assumed. This means that the replacement dwelling ridge is more than 22 and a half feet (6.9 metres) higher than Jimmy's bungalow ridge. Thus it breaches Policy 56 by even more than thought when the previously retrospective application was refused last June. This adds to the case for turning this new application down. Those supporters who have just received a letter from the National Park advising of new plans based on these measurements will have been discouraged from writing again, having been told that “they do not change anything”. They most certainly do, in our view. The extra height is not at all insignificant.

The National Park letter also omits the fact that the new plans also state that it is estimated that "60 to 80 lorry loads of material" will be imported onto site to carry out the landscaping proposals, a further breach of planning policies.

See this response prepared by one of our supporters. Other supporters who received the recent letter may also wish to take issue with the assertion that the new plans "don't change anything".

21st March 2010: More press coverage: Click here to read a letter in the County Echo recommending that Bettws Newydd be demolished and you can also click here to see the online version of the article published in last Wednesday's Western Telegraph.

17th March 2010: Legal action forces Park to reconsider their handling of the current application: We have written threatening legal action in order to force the National Park to agree that the current application, for the purpose of publicity, "will be considered as one which does not accord with the provisions of the development plan." As a result it has to be properly advertised which had not been done. The National Park has now placed the necessary notice in the Western Telegraph (it appears today) and a copy can be seen here. As a result the period for consultation is extended until April 6th and the application cannot now be considered until the April 24th DMC meeting at the earliest. Bettws Newydd will come up as the only item in the Head of Development Management's Report at next Wednesday's DMC, but this is apparently just to "note" that officers are not yet ready to report to the DMC - see the agenda item here.

17th March 2010: A letter from the DMC Chairman, Councillor Michael Williams, is published in today's Western Telegraph, in response to an earlier letter from Derek Rowland. The letter, headlined "Try to look at park's wider achievements" argues that the National Park must be judged on the many successes it has had, not just on this one debacle (our words). As supporters (in general) of the National Park we can't disagree with this, and we trust that Councillor Williams' committee will add to those achievements by rejecting this new application and ensuring that the current development is replaced with a building that is in accordance with the Development Plan.
An online version of this letter is now published. Click here.

17th March 2010: Further coverage of the the new application can be found in today's Western Telegraph. See the article here. This notes that almost 100 letters have been received opposing the new development, and includes some of the information we released in our press release (View this here - it was mentioned below in the item dated 27th Feb).

9th March 2010: We have been told by the National Park Planners that almost 100 letters of opposition to the new application have been received. No letters have been received in support of the application. Thanks to all those who wrote!

3rd March 2010: A Western Telegraph article was published today about the Newport Town Council decision to oppose the New Application (they also opposed the previous application). An on-line version is here. The article reports on the views expressed and concludes by noting that the council voted to oppose the new application by a majority of 5 to 1, with 3 abstentions. Not exactly a "torn council" as headlined in the article, and a convincing vote against, despite an attempt the previous week by Catherine Milner, of the National Park Planning Department, to persuade the council to judge the application by comparison with the 2006 consent and not Jimmy's house. The incorrect information and guidance she reportedly gave is the subject of our press release reported below.

27th February 2010: We have issued a Press Release addressed to the Editor of the Western Telegraph. This disagrees with the points attributed to Catherine Milner in the Western Telegraph, especially the assertion that there is little difference between what has been built and the building approved in 2006. We spell out why the new application must be refused. See it here.

23rd February 2010: A meeting was held with the Newport Town Council planning committee. The National Park was represented by Catherine Milner, who was trying to persuade the committee to judge the application by comparison with the 2006 consent. You can read the Western Telegraph account of this meeting by clicking here. We are very concerned about one statement attributed to Mrs Milner: "objections compared the house to the original wooden house on the site known as Bettws Bach or Jimmy's Place. This however was not relevant as the 2006 permission had been granted". This is just not correct. The new application, just like the previous one, has to be judged against Planning Policies, not compared with the 2006 consented building which exists only on paper. This goes against the advice by the National Park Solicitor last year, and we are considering how best to challenge this assertion.

It is horrifying to see that the National Park have now spent £17,500 in consultants' fees and legal advice on this fiasco, all caused by the Officers' mistakes in failing to handle the original application correctly. One other mistake in the article - the original house was never called Bettws Bach.

16th February 2010: We have put a number of posters up in Newport about the new application. You can view and distribute them from here.

4th February 2010: We have written to the National Park Solicitor regarding the new application. See copy here. We have been studying the application, and are concerned to find that the new agent for the developer appears to think that Policy JUDP 56 is not relevant for the new application. For example we find statements such as "The details relating to the original dwelling located on the site has no relevance to the determination of this application due to the fact that there is an extant planning permission for a dwelling on the site (i.e. The fall-back position)”  Policy 56 clearly states that a replacement dwelling should be no more visually intrusive than the original dwelling. We have written to point out that this conflicts with advice given by the National Park Counsel last year.

3rd February 2010: The new application has been received at the National Park. See Western Telegraph news item here and the Web Article here. We need as many letters of opposition to be sent to the National Park as possible.
We very much object to this new application, which is nothing more than a new set of Landscaping proposals. We think this amounts to a waste of public time and money.

The decision to allow a new application was, we understand, heavily influenced by legal advice. We have asked to see details of this advice (paid for out of public funds) under the Freedom of Information Act, but this request was refused. You can view the refusal letter from the National Park Solicitor.

29th January 2010: Judge quashes Planning Permission in Brecon Beacons. One of our supporters kindly alerted us to this case with some similarities to our own. The Brecon Beacons National Park Planning Authority had permitted a camp site development which has now been found to be unlawful. The Judge stated: "The largest part of the blame for the many errors of procedure must be borne by the NPA (National Park Authority). He also found that the granted planning permission was unlawful and an attempt by the park authority to correct its mistakes, in November 2008, was "flawed". You can read more details in the BBC News Site. A Police investigation is ongoing.
Update: The park is now up for sale - click to see BBC News story.

20th January 2010: Details of the Officers' position in allowing a further application can be seen in these notes that have been published in advance of the 27th January DMC meeting. We continue to be surprised at the leniency with which this development is being treated compared to others; it is now more than two months beyond the time at which alternative proposals were supposed to be submitted, but again this development is being treated differently. We do not believe additional landscaping proposals will ever bring this development into line with planning policies and are considering what further action can be taken.

13th January 2010: As reported below, the National Park Officers have decided to allow a further application to be submitted. We have made several enquiries about the nature and legality of this approach.  In response we have been told:

  1. That the officers have decided that the best way to proceed is via a new application. Legal advice has been obtained which confirms the legitimacy of this approach and apparently heavily influenced this decision.
  2. The new application, when it is received, will be subject to public consultation, but at the time of writing, no application has been received.
  3. One of our members has been told by phone that the new application will consist of nothing more than new landscaping proposals.

This lengthy email exchange (between us and the head of development management) will make it clearer to readers what has been going on.

We have therefore written this letter to the Chairman of the Development Management Committee, raising our objections and concern about this approach. We believe that it is highly irregular for the Officers to have allowed a new application and to have disregarded the decision of the DMC in October. It simply puts everything back to where it stood last summer, when landscaping was considered an inadequate way to deal with this situation.

We believe that the enforcement notice approved at the December DMC should now be issued and that if the developer so wishes, the matter should go to appeal (should that still be allowable - see below).

We have also submitted a request, under the Freedom Of Information Act, to see the legal advice justifying the approach. (see item 1 above).

We also note that the deadline for an appeal regarding the rejection of Planning Application 08/361 in June 2009 has now passed.

16th December 2009: Notwithstanding the decision of the DMC to give the developer one month to come up with alternative proposals, we have learned that following a meeting between the developer and the Park Officers, the developer is to be allowed to submit a new application and given more time to do so. We learned this via the Western Telegraph; The press release is here. You can also click here to see the item published on 16th December.

10th November: The minutes of the DMC on October 21st have now been published. They are available on the National Park web site; however we have extracted the relevant pages and these can be seen here.

28th October: Click here to see a report in the Western Telegraph about the DMC meeting and decision on 21st October, as reported below. On-line version is here.

21st October: The National Park Development Management Committee (DMC) accepted the enforcement recommendations in this large report. In summary the developer is to be given one month to produce alternative proposals (as discussed in the report); if these are not acceptable then an enforcement notice will be issued. The draft in the report requires demolition and restoration of the site to the original state.

The report also states that no modification or alteration of the develoment, as currently built, can be envisaged that would be sufficient to bring it back into compliance with the 2006 planning permission.

While this report came from the Development Management Officers, we have been advised that it faithfully re-iterated in full the report of independant planning consultants, retained by the NPA, to produce a set of objective observations, conclusions & recommendations, to avoid any conflict of interest.

While we welcome enforcement action (as covered below in the item dated 19th October) we continue to anticipate that the developer will appeal (1) against the refusal of retrospective planning and (2) against any enforcement action. Such an appeal is likely to result in a local inquiry in Newport some time in the late spring of next year. We also remain concerned that some of the details on which the Consultants state they have based their findings are inaccurate or insufficient.

Those supporters who wrote to express their support for enforcement should have received this response from the Head of Planning: "This is just to advise that the recommendation made to the Development Management Committee this morning was accepted by Members. Thus the principle of serving an enforcement notice was agreed as were the terms. I have therefore written to agents acting for the owner and advised him of this conclusion and asked if there is any thing he would wish to propose…which would be less than total demolition and reinstatement of the land …that would bring the development in line with the 2006 consent and/or to remedy the harm to amenity to an acceptable extent. I have given him one calendar month to submit any such scheme. The same would have to be considered by the committee in my view. I will endeavour to keep you informed of the position."

21st October: A Western Telegraph article covered the enforcement proposal and our response - click here to view a copy.

19th October 2009: We have now written with our views to the National Park Planning Office. You can see a copy of this letter by clicking here. In summary, we broadly welcome this enforcement proposal, although we do not agree with all the figures in the report. We would also like to see a time limit placed on the discussions of alternatives.

16th October 2009: Enforcement Notice: After three months of inactivity, a report concerning a possible enforcement notice is on the Agenda for the 21st October DMC. Click here to see the relevant pages. This contains a draft notice requiring the house to be removed and the land restored. However it is suggested that the developer is first invited to put forward alternative proposals to bring the house into line with development policies. We sent out a supporters newsletter with more details on 16th October, and you can see a copy by clicking here. You can write to the Park (as time is short, we suggest by email to ). We suggest you send your comments no later than Monday 19th 10 am if possible. We have only just seen this information ourselves, and while there are some things to be pleased about, we need more time to consider our position - watch this site for more information.

2nd July 2009: Refusal notice issued. A letter was issued by the National Park, and copied to all those who had expressed views about Bettws Newydd. The developer has six months from the date of the refusal notice to appeal, so he must do so by 2nd January 2010. In the event no appeal was made before this deadline.

The reasons given for refusal in this letter were:

  1. The dwelling as constructed does not achieve an acceptable level of integration with the land form and setting of the site. As a result it is significantly more prominent and visually intrusive than both the original dwelling and the replacement dwelling approved under permission NP/06/076, it does not reflect the proportions of the other buildings on The Parrog, and it is therefore in conflict with criteria i), ii) and iv) of JUDP Policy 67 (Conservation of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park), criterion iv) of JUDP Policy 56 (Replacement Dwellings) and JUDP Policy 76 Design.
  2. Notwithstanding the fall back position encompassing permission NP/06/076, to the extent that it is relevant, the proposed landscaping scheme will not reduce the visual intrusion such that the conflicts identified in Reason 1 will be satisfactory mitigated.

28th June: News about the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) call-in application: Our chairman received a reply from Jane Davidson, explaining why the call-in application was rejected. You can see a copy here. This letter leads us to think that the WAG planners were not given all the facts by the PCNPA planners (as also applied to the DMC committee - see Cllr Robin Evans comments here.) In addition, they do not appear to have realised that the application was being considered under S73a of the Town and Country Planning Act. We have responded to this letter, querying the basis for the decision - you can see a copy of our response here.

24th June: Press coverage of the decision: Following BBC coverage, local newspapers have also covered the decision:
Western Telegraph: Printed article is here; or web article here ((18th June)
Tivyside Advertiser: Pinted article (23 Jun), or web article here also dated 18th June.

17th June: GREAT NEWS: Planning permission has been refused! See the BBC News page. We are delighted that the retrospective application for Bettws Newydd (08/361) has been completely refused at today’s meeting of the PCNPA Development Management Committee (DMC). The committee members decided to ignore their Officers’ recommendation and have turned it down, by a huge majority, on the grounds that it did not comply with Development Policies. See our newsletter to supporters.

We want to thank many people for all their efforts on this. Many of you have written, and written again, to committee members, to planners, to the local MP and AM and to the Welsh Assembly Government. Our thanks indeed for all that effort, ultimately successful.

It should be stressed that while this is a battle won, the war is not yet over. The developer is likely to appeal and we must be ready to oppose this. When this is refused, we must press for an enforcement notice to be issued by the PCNPA to bring this development back into line with the unitary development plan.

11th June: The Welsh Audit Office has heavily criticised the performance of the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park Planning Department. You can see a report in the Western Telegraph

10th June: Details have been published of the 17th June DMC meeting. You can see abridged minutes of the previous meeting here in so far as they covered Bettws Newydd. The officers are still recommending approval, despite the many objections and are still, quite unbelievable, claiming that the development meets Planning Policies. Please plan to attend the June 17th DMC meeting - details of how to do so are here.

7th June: See this letter in the Western Telegraph by Arthur Davies

4th June: Jane Davidson (Welsh Minister of the Environment, whose department is responsible for the "call-in" application) visited Newport and we were able to meet with her briefly, and express our anger at the fact this development had been permitted and the refusal of the WAG to call it in. Nevertheless Jane Davidson stated that she could not get involved in the matter. You can draw your own conclusion on what this says about her claims to be a committed supporter of the environment. Thanks to all those who attended and who certainly made our views clear. The supporters newsletter that announced this visit is still available here.

3rd June: A Western Telegraph article reports the rejection of our "call-in" application by the Welsh Assembly Government. It also mentions the Newport Town Council Council's Letter of Complaint which was sent to Nic Wheeler (Chief Executive of the National Park).

27th May: An article in the Western Telegraph reports the delay and includes our view that the building cannot be effectively screened. The article is available here.

25th May: A new supporters newsletter has been distributed - you can see a copy here. This gives some of the news listed below, and in particular asks supporters to send comments to PCNPA regarding the proposed landscaping and glazing changes, in advance of the June 17th Meeting, which is planned to be the one which considers the application again.

22nd May: We have issued a press release commenting on the 20th May DMC and the new plans. You can see a copy here.

21st May: We regret that the WAG has turned down the "call-in" application on the grounds that it is "not of more than local importance". This is notwithstanding about 40 letters of support sent to the WAG Minister of the Environment (Jane Davidson) from all over the country. It was signed by a planning official - did Jane Davidson even read your letters or look at the pictures? It is a great shame that we have been let down by the Welsh Assembly Government. If this development on a heritage coastline which affects thousands of visitors to a National Park is not of more than local interest - then what is? See the letter here. We would like to thank the many people who wrote to Jane Davidson in support of the application - one such example (well worth reading) is here.

20th May: Despite the planners trying to push the decision through in the May 20th DMC Meeting, without time for public consultation, reason finally prevailed, but only after formal complaints were made by the Bettws Newydd Opposition Group and others. Modified proposals are now on the table including landscaping plans (that you can see using the links below) that will only partially screen the building and will now be considered at the June 17th DMC meeting. The Officers seem to have caved-in to pressure from the developer, and failed to insist on any changes to the glazing despite the wishes of the April planning committee. At the May DMC, the Solicitor for the Authority, Mr. David Prescott spoke about the "huge public engagement" and advised that the National Park must be careful to show complete transparency in judging Bettws Newydd. Our initial impression of the proposals is that they will not bring the development into line with planning policies, and that the application ought therefore be rejected. But the Officers are recommending approval because they argue that the development is already no more visually intrusive than the original building and enhances the landscape.

New Landscaping Plans: You can now see the new plans via this site:
1. Landscape Layout including planting details
2. Landscape Layout detail sheet
3. Section Views after specified periods (from Easterly direction only)
4. The Site Plan
Have a look at these plans, and you can then reach your own conclusions as to what degree they will screen the buildings. You can then provide feedback to the National Park planners as below.

19th May: Newport Town Council has sent a strong complaint and demand for a thorough investigation to Nic Wheeler, Chief Executive of PCNPA. See a copy here.

19th May: More than 30 letters sent to Welsh Minister for Environment: We continue to be copied on letters that are being sent to Jane Davidson, the WAG Minister for the Environment, in support of our "call-in" application. We are very grateful to all of you who have written. Here's an example of one of these many letters.

18th May: The lucky few who have managed to see the new landscaping plans are very concerned that they cannot succeed; for example they involve planting trees of the wrong age. See this extract from a book by the RHS expert. A formal complaint has been made to the National Park about the fact inadequate time has been given to consider these new plans. However, many supporters cannot travel to the Newport Tourist Centre as it is only open working hours and those requesting them by post have not yet received them. Latest: In response to this complaint, the DMC has now been sent copies of the plans (less than 48 hours before the meeting) we are told.

17th May: Minutes of DMC meeting, 15th April 2009, now available. We are publishing the sections that deal with Bettws Newydd here to help you read them.
There are a number of errors and omissions in the minutes. For example, the number of signatures in the petition is stated to be 300. It was actually 477. For some reason the Officers continue to refer to the original building as a "large timber clad property" when it was actually a small self-built bungalow approximately 1/6th the volume of the existing property. The Officers seem to be trying to rush the thing through, with inadequate time for public consultation of the new plans, as covered below. The notes say they haven't even posted copies to the committee mamabers to give them time to consider this. These important landscaping and other plans need proper consideration. In addition we note that the vote of 6 votes against, 10 votes for is not recorded. The statements of opposition by committee members are heavily watered down.

15th May: Are the planners following the correct legal guidelines? We are concerned that recent decisions have not treated the application as a "fresh application" and planning guidelines are still not being applied correctly. One of our supporters has written to express concerns to both the National Park Chairman and the Head of Planning and Conservation. We are publishing these letters - click the blue links to see them.

13th May: New Landscaping Plans are available. They arrived on 12th May at the Newport Tourist Information Centre, or can be requested to be sent by post by calling the TIC on 01239 820 920 . We've formally requested that these plans be considered at the June DMC meeting to give you enough time to view them and comment on the major changes which are designed to screen the building. We've been told that you are unlikely to be given more time - which is a disgrace. You can't speak (see below) but you can still write as discussed on the Write a letter page. You need to post your letters no later than Friday or the Officers won't have time to consider them. We are going to use this failure to allow adequate time for consultation as further grounds in our appeals. Here are some extracts from the notes:

From: Catherine Milner Subject: Bettws Newydd Date 11th May.
Hello, I have now received the enhanced/.amended landscaping drawings for the above site. A set has been sent to the Town Council for their comments. I am however also sending a set to the Newport TIC … I hope that you don’t mind me advising you on behalf of the concerned residents …..but they will be there for you all to inspect if you so wish. (Perhaps it would be as well to ring and check that they have arrived before you go up there !! ) They will be reported to the planning committee on the 20th so if there are any comments on them they would be appreciated before that date.

7th May: Letter about 20th May DMC: Those opposing the application have received a letter from PCNPA which states "while members were minded to approve the proposal, it is subject to their further consideration of the proposed landscaping scheme and further information regarding the glazing". It is intended to consider the decision again at the 20th May DMC. We are told that there will be no further opportunity for members of the public to address the committee. This is curious, as a previous letter from the PCNPA stated that "the Committee ... indicated that they would approve the application but subject to additional requirements...". While we welcome the fact that further discussion will take place, we are concerned that the public are to be given no opportunity to comment on these new proposals, which were only mooted during the last meeting. We do not believe that landscaping and glazing changes will be an adequate solution, and have asked to be allowed to present the case (for example on the difficulty of quickly growing high hedges on the windswept coast in Pembrokeshire). How democratic is this? You can see a copy of this letter here.

6th May: "County is not land of fairytale" A number of excellent letters have appeared in the Western Telegraph, discussing the appalling decision regarding Bettys Newydd following an editorial with the above heading.
The editorial can be seen here. The responses today can be seen here and a further letter dated 28th April can be seen on the Western Telegraph web site. Judge for yourselves who is talking sense.

2nd May: Western Telegraph Article: "Newport Residents will continue Bettwys Newydd Opposition". Click here to see the article.

29th April: Appeal to Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). We have appealed to the WAG to "call-in" the Bettws Newydd application. Supporters are asked to write to Jane Davidson, Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing, in support of this application. Details are given in our latest supporter newsletter, available here. The PCNPA has confirmed to us in writing that final consent will not be given to the planning application until this application is determined - so at least things are still on hold for now.

27th April: The campaign will continue!  We have reconstituted ourselves as a formal group called "The Bettws Newydd Opposition Group". The aims of this group are as follows:

  1. To achieve the replacement of the present development at Bettws Newydd one that is more appropriate to the location, in conformity with the JUDP and other planning policies, and acceptable to both the local and wider community.
  2. To persuade the PCNPA to identify and itemise the mistakes made in dealing with this development and to change its processes to prevent repetition.

OBJECTIVES : To pursue all available lawful remedies and means to achieve the above aims.

This web site will be updated as soon as possible with more details. In the meantime you can add your name to our supporters or distribution list by filling in the form on the JOIN US page.

19th April: A newsletter was sent to supporters which gives more detail on the decision. See here. Supporters have now attended the meeting that resulted and work is underway to set up a formally constituted opposition group.

16th April: Press coverage of decision:
Western Telegraph Article A good report covering the debate. See comments at end.
Western Mail: Click the link to see a scanned copy of their article, or, for the online version, see Wales on-line: Reports some of the councillors opposition to the building.
BBC News Item: Has given most prominence to the Developer's agent Richard Banks.
Our comment: The press coverage of the meeting has been surprisingly lacking in some respects. Apart from the Western Telegraph there is little coverage of the admissions by the several councillors who spoke that this was in fact a great mistake, was much more visually intrusive and that apologies needed to be made to Newport for having allowed this in the first place. Nor was there coverage of the discussion of the fact that the developer had chosen to ignore the conditions in the original planning agreement and the questions about why these conditions had not been more actively enforced.

15th April 2009: STOP PRESS: We regret to announce that the DMC today voted in favour of application 08/361 subject to several conditions (which have to be taken back to committee for final approval). The conditions are designed to reduce the impact of the development. The vote was 10 votes for and 6 votes against. All the committee members who spoke stated that the building was indeed more visually intrusive and words such as "mistake", "monstrous", "modern-day carbuncle" and "like a motorway cafe" were used. Many councilors, including our own Robin Evans, publicly apologised or stated that the matter should never have been approved in the first case, and Robin offered to resign over the matter. So at least there has now been some admission that the whole thing was a dreadful mistake. Nevertheless, it was approved as "the only way to resolve the matter" given the existing planning permission. It should be noted that only 8 committee members had attended the site visit; most of those who voted in favour of the application had not been there and seen the building. It should also be noted that the pictures shown (presumably chosen by the officers) were either about a year old, or in one case was a misty view from the beach car park with the building scarcely visible. This all helped tip the balance. We will publish a more detailed report of the meeting as soon as possible, as well as outlining what actions remain to all of us to continue to protest about this eyesore. Our thanks to all the people who attended the meeting and especially the many objectors who spoke. No one (apart from the developer's agent) spoke in favour.

15th April 2009: PETITION HANDED OVER. Our petition containing 477 signatures was handed to the National Park Authority. Many of those who signed made very thoughtful comments, and a selection can be seen under the Your Opinions link. The petition is now closed - we would like to thank all of those who contributed.
For the record this petition stated:
We the undersigned find that the new dwelling, Bettws Newydd, already constructed at Newport Parrog, is visually much more intrusive than the previous dwelling and is a blot on such a special landscape. We therefore request that the PCNPA
a) refuses retrospective consent for application 08/361, and
b) gives serious consideration to revoking the 2006 planning consent, requiring instead, a replacement development which complies with Development Plan policies.

11th April: Widespread National Press Coverage. Articles appeared in the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Sun. Pictures from this web site were widely used, although we don't think the content is very accurate. You can see scanned copies of some articles by clicking the links: Telegraph here and Mail here. The on-line version of the Daily Mail Article is here. The on-line Sun article can be seen by clicking here.

7th April: IMPORTANT: The Agenda for the 15th April DMC has been published. The Officers are recommending APPROVAL. The full notes can be seen by clicking here. We are not surprised at this as this seems to be an easy way out for the Officers who (we believe) have been seriously at fault in allowing this development. However, we do find it Incredible that they are, in effect, saying that the building does not breach JUDP56 - ie it is more visible, but not more visually intrusive. Please make every effort to attend and speak if necessary. Our only hope is to persuade the committee members to reject this application. You can help!  Further details of times, location and how to apply to speak are given here.

30th March: The site visit by the DMC went ahead today, as planned. The turnout was excellent with about 50 people present in total. Many people expressed their opposition to the development, with only one person in favour, the Developer's Agent. A full report is to be found by clicking here. The National Park Minutes of the site visit are available by clicking here.

27th March: We have been told by the National Park that the DMC Visit will will take place on Monday, 30th March, at approximately 10:30 am.
The objective is for the DMC to view Bettws Newydd “both on site and from surrounding viewpoints” and the committee will be willing to hear representations from those present. Anyone interested is welcome to come. We know that it is difficult for working people to attend at this time and don't expect many people to appear. However, if all possible please do attend, to show the strength of opposition to this building and the new planning application. We suggest you gather outside Bettws Newydd (by the stile) at 10:30 am. We have been told that the visit will go ahead regardless of the weather. More details were sent out earlier today to our supporters in a newsletter available here.

24th March: The Tivy-Side Advertiser covered the deferral of the Bettws Newydd decision - see the Tivyside advertiser website here.

18th March: The National Park Development Management Committee (DMC) took place today. As expected, the Bettws Newydd aspect of the meeting was over in a flash with an enthusiastic acceptance by DMC Members of the officers' proposal of a site visit (planned for 30th March). The Campaign was represented by 3 people from the supporters group who delivered the updated on-line petition (containing more than 300 signatures) to the Park Chairman and Chief Executive. Regrettably the National Park Authority could find no-one willing to be photographed receiving the petition when asked by a local reporter. Our petition will be kept open since the decision is postponed.

18th March: An article ahead of the March DMC meeting appeared in the Western Telegraph. It contained details of the meeting and the campaign. Click here to see it.

17th March: The National; Park has told us that the DMC meeting on 18th March will not make a decision on Bettws Newydd, and it is likely that discussion will be very short. One of our campaign members was told she could not speak. The April meeting is now the one to attend if you can only attend one. We have also been told that the date that the DMC will visit Newport (as we cover below) is Monday March 30th.
 We have posted a "picture statement" to each of the DMC members. You can see a copy by clicking here.
The petition now has 300 electronic signatures and about 70 hard copy signatures.

11th March: The agenda for the 18th March Development Management Committee has been published. Bettws Newydd is on the agenda. Good news: Officers are (finally) recommending a site visit by the committee members. It is a great achievement for our campaign (and the resulting press coverage) to have pressured the park officers to recommend that DMC members should visit, as should have happened long ago.
You can download full details by clicking the Nat.Park Committees link, and then selecting the Development Management Committee link. Within the agenda are links to two large files containing much information including plans.
Some key points are extracted below:
Under Public Response: 34 letters of objection. 1 letter of support. The points made in the letters are summarised. The petition details are given. Later it is stated that 2 letters of support have been received.
Under Officers appraisal details and reasons are given for the deviation from plan, and in summary it states: "In view of the issues raised by objectors, in particular with regard to the visual impact of the development, it is considered that it is necessary for members to view the development both on site and from surrounding viewpoints to make an objective decision on this proposal. It is therefore recommended that a site visit be carried out with debate on the application being reserved for a later meeting....."

The recommendation clearly states that a further report is necessary in any case,. However, we cannot assume that the DMC will accept this recommendation so all those planning to attend and/or speak should not change their plans.

9th March: An article entitled Protestors go online against 'Eyesore' was published in the Western Mail. An online version is available - click this link. Our web address was given and a new picture published although much of the article is based on the BBC news item.

5th March: BBC reporter Abigail Neal and her team reported from Newport about the Bettws Newydd Campaign, on BBC Wales Today. She interviewed local resident Robbie Manson (nee Bryn y mor), and he commented that the development was an "eyesore" and what the planning authority has "let go by" is a blight on the landscape and in complete non-conformity with planning policies. You can see a video clip from the BBC News Web Site at The item was transmitted twice in both the 12:30 and 18:30 programmes, and the pictures used did a good job in conveying the huge size of the building..

4th March: Bettws Newydd featured in the welsh language S4C programme Newyddion at about 7:45 pm, after a BBC team traveled to Newport and interviewed local residents. Pictures showed the scale of the building. Dr Hywel Williams (Bettws) said (in welsh) that he was unaware of any support for this vastly over sized scale of development which spoilt such a locally cherished place of special landscape character. It was stated that the National Park declined to be interviewed. A web version of the programme is available from the Newyddion Web Site.
One of our supporters has produced an English translation of the programme below: "PEMBROKESHIRE - there is a dispute about a new house at Newport, Pembrokeshire. The owner received permission to build BETTWS NEWYDD in 2006, but the completed building is different to the original plans. Locals say it is a blot on the landscape. The owner has to make a new application for planning permission. Aled Scourfield reported. The new house is bigger than the original plan. Over 250 have signed an online petition saying it is a blot on the landscape. They also say the house contravenes a number of NATIONAL PARK policies. INTERVIEW: DR HYWEL WILLIAMS, RESIDENT OF NEWPORT, PEMBROKESHIRE - the view from the other side, from the golf club, the beach, the path. It can be seen everywhere and stands out terribly. What else can you do but take it down? Reporter - no one was willing to be interviewed for the PEMBROKESHIRE COAST NATIONAL PARK AUTHORITY, but the Authority said the house built at Bettws Newydd differed from the original plan and the owner had to make a new planning application to keep the building in its present form. If the application is rejected, there is a right to appeal. BBC WALES contacted the house's owner, MR NOLAN NICHOLAS, but he did not wish to comment before the planning meeting on March 18. The DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE are expected to have a site visit before deciding whether to give planning permission".

25th Feb: Press item: See here for a new article on the Tivyside Advertiser site about the petition.

21st February: At midnight on 20th February 210 people had signed the on-line petition and many others have signed hard copy petitions in the local shops. As 20th February was the deadline for input for the 18th March Development Management Committee (DMC) the petition has now been sent to (a) Nic Wheeler (Chief Executive of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority) and (b) Cllr. Simon Hancock (Chairman, DMC) on behalf of all who signed. As the DMC which will consider this application is on 18th March we will keep the petitions open until then. We will then send the final list to the Park in time for the meeting. So please keep signing!

21st February: Other local papers have published articles about Bettws Newydd and this web site: Click the links: Milford and West Wales Mercury and also the Tivyside Advertiser and an earlier article here

18th February: One of our supporters has sent us new pictures of Jimmy's House, taken at the time of the 2005 auction. These are now published in the Photo Gallery. In particular these show how much lower the original building was, and also how the base level was below the level of the entrance drive. All pictures in the gallery can be reproduced by anyone (including the press), providing it is in connection with articles about this planning decision. Better quality images are available on request.

13th February: We've just learned that on the 11th February the Western Telegraph published an article about this web site. Click here to see the web version.

11th February: Web site extended. You can now print a petition and gather signatures from those people who don't have internet access (and there are many locally). The petition and other documents are also available from the How you can help section. There is also a new Photo Gallery.

5th February. Newport Area Environment Group: A letter has been sent to the PCNPA about the impact of Bettws Newydd on the environment. A copy can be seen here

31st January: A new planning notice has been posted outside Bettwy Newydd. It still retains the same planning number as used in July 2008. Interested parties are given until 20th February to reply

30th January: An email from Catherine Milner (of the PCNPA) informed us that the application would probably be considered at the 18th March Planning Committee Meeting.

2 Dec 2008: The PCNPA released the Legal Advice that they were given, following a "Freedom of information" request. It clearly shows the construction was indeed in breech of the original permission in a number of ways, and (in simple terms) confirms that the application must be considered as a new application which means that Policy JUDP 56 must be taken into account.

November 2008: One of those opposed to the development issued a legal challenge to the PCNPA's intention to consider the latest planning application as a "minor amendment" under Section 73 (of the Town and Country Planning Act). The PCNPA delayed the application being put before committee and agreed to seek legal advice.

Bettws Newydd from the beach













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